Local indie rock band Art Nikels releases new EP

Swirling clouds of mystery surround the fuzzy, unearthly sounds of Berkeley band Art Nikels’ brand new EP, Primitives. This local psychedelic indie-rock band is notable not only for its dreamy, eerie style but also for its mysterious benefactor and musical contributor, whom the band has never met — a man
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Indie band Art Nikels changes the Berkeley music scene

With sounds that soar ephemerally, resonating up through the hills and beyond, Berkeley-based psychedelic-indie band Art Nikels is carving out a space for itself in the pluralistic Bay Area scene, bringing a decidedly Berkeley approach. Outstanding and creative musicians in their own rights, the members of this band of UC
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Art Nikels performs at Casa Zimbabwe

Art Nikels performs their hit single “Red Red Wood” on the roof of Casa Zimbabwe Filmed by Adam Glazer Edited by Mira Nguyen