Student set designer Alexandra Grabow talks love of design, process for TDPS’s ‘70 Scenes of Halloween’

Alexandra Grabow/Courtesy

The UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, or TDPS, hired a group of Bay Area professionals for its design team on its upcoming production — with the exception of one. That exception is senior theater and art practice double major Alexandra Grabow — the only student designer for the show.
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‘Made at Berkeley’ showcases student arts, design projects on campus

Run by the Berkeley Arts + Design Initiative, “Made at Berkeley” is a campuswide showcase of student works, including visual art, dance, theatre, music, film, environmental design and more. The showcase brings together numerous departments that are individually presenting student projects, often senior theses, under a single banner. The Daily
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Faces of Berkeley: Wenqing Yan, activist artist

UC Berkeley graduate combines activism and anime to better speak to people

UC Berkeley alumna Wenqing Yan admits that her following on the art website deviantART — where her profile page has more than 7 million views — is largely composed of 12-year-olds. These fans of her art, which is styled after Japanese animation known as anime, often ask about the anime
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