2000s fashion trends we should leave in the past

photo of clothing racks and shoes in a store
Ireland Wagner/File

The Y2K aesthetic is back and ruling the fashion industry. Everywhere you go, someone is sporting a bucket hat or a shoulder purse. As I scrolled through the outfits of different 2000s celebs, there were some unflattering trends that really don’t need to reappear. It makes me throw up a little in my mouth just talking about them. But we need to discuss them to prevent their return this decade.
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Jammin’ jingles: The essential holiday playlist

After a strenuous bout of finals and the pile of dirty clothes that’s become of your roommate, the holidays are an oh-so-welcome way to celebrate the end of a semester and year. Whether your favorite activities include watching holiday movies, getting tossed on eggnog, making gingerbread houses or covering your entire home with snowflakes and lights, we’ve got the perfect mixtape for you.
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