Curating my culture crisis

Cutting Room Floor

During RRR Week of last semester, I visited my linguistic professor’s office to clarify some concepts she had mentioned in the last lecture. I asked her about prototypes, the most central cases of a category. A robin, for example, is a more prototypical member of the bird category than a
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Speaking out

Melting into the pot

June 6’s encounter with the white devil was a rude awakening. While surrounded by Becky, her white male guest known by the name of Resting Dick Face, and my best friend, a blond-haired, blue-eyed angel with the cuddly personality of a yellow lab, I awoke from a daydream when I
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Asian Explosion: theater festival showcases Asian American talent

The changing perceptions of Asian American identity are more relevant than ever, with the talk of the town dominated by Jeremy Lin’s rise to NBA stardom. And few events are more committed to promoting young Asian Americans in the performing arts than Magic Theatre’s Asian Explosion 2012 this past week
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