10 meals under $10 not in the Asian Ghetto

There are a lot of things to love about Asian Ghetto — it’s cheap, it’s right next to the dorms and you can get double your daily recommended amount of sodium from two bites of pretty much anything you buy there. But when you eat there every time you’re stumbling home from a frat party you probably shouldn’t have gone to, it can get old fast.
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Crushes you’ll have while at UC Berkeley

Every time we see someone cute, we start imagining how the rest of our lives would look like with said person — the size of our wedding, what we’d name our five dogs and two cats, whether we’d come back to Berkeley for alumni events, etc. Even when we take
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Top 4 places to trick-or-treat in Berkeley

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t college students too old to trick-or-treat? Well, we at the Clog disagree. As broke college students, it should be in our best interests to swipe up as many free things as possible. To aid you in your quest for gratis, we at the Clog
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Quiz: What kind of soup should you order?

As the weather begins to cool down (slightly), you might be wondering what type of soup you should order for your next meal. Here in Berkeley, we are blessed with the presence of countless awesome restaurants and an endless variety of options. Contact Allison David at [email protected]