photo of 3 essential oil bottles of Jasmine Oil

Quiz: Which relaxation technique should you try?

Even though it’s summer, it’s not easy for students to unwind. Many of us are taking summer classes, completing internships and participating in extracurricular activities, which makes it harder for us to sit down and relax. If you are in this boat and wondering what you can do to feel calmer and less anxious, take our quiz to get some suggestions!
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Photo of the five senses

Photo Essay: Photographing the five senses

Whether it’s watching a mukbang or taking in your last 4D Imax movie, palpable detail is refreshing to the point of being almost unexplainable. Keying into the up close and personal, The Daily Californian photographers took their best shot at capturing ASMR-esque photos under the umbrellas of sight, touch, smell,
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Simmy Kheptal mug

The case for ghosting

Off the Beat

I give myself permission to experience loneliness in this isolation, and I challenge myself to even come to prefer it over the company of others.
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Off the beat: That tingly feeling

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Lisbon waiting for lunch. I’m weary from wandering the city with a friend, and a Fado band is playing on the television by the door. In the corner of the screen, I notice a woman translating every lyric into sign language. Her hands move
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