New Title IX policies will upend years of progress

Meaningful change is inherently slow. When discussing sexual violence and sexual harassment, commonly referred to as SVSH, the issue is further complicated by legal and cultural barriers. Culturally, survivors are often not believed or taken seriously, and those who do report often see their assaulters face zero to minor legal
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BART Board approves Safe Transit policy

The Safe Transit policy prevents BART employees — including members of the BART Police Department — from asking about riders’ immigration statuses unless directed by state laws, federal regulations or court orders.
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Fixing the student district

CITY AFFAIRS: The Berkeley Student District Campaign’s student district plan is ambitious, but it needs to include Northside student voices.

Even though the USDA map does split up those neighborhoods, there’s no indication that those areas contain concrete interest groups the same way the Northside concentration of co-ops and residence halls represent hundreds of students in the space of a couple city blocks.
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Students discuss plans to create super-majority district

At a meeting Tuesday night hosted by the Berkeley Student District Campaign to discuss plans to create a student super-majority district, attendees vocalized concerns regarding gerrymandering, kicking incumbent council members out of their seats and involving students in city politics as a whole. In an attempt to spark student interest and
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Cutting from the future

The budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and state Democrats exemplifies the danger of political paralysis. Sacramento is tied down by petty partisanship that prevented Brown from pursuing tax extensions which could have shaped the budget differently. The result is tragic for all Californians: the University of California now faces
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Sitting on the sideline

STATE ISSUES: While we are happy that the governor vetoed cuts to the university, we are upset at our EAVP’s absence.

Issuing the first veto of a state budget in California’s history, Gov. Jerry Brown’s rejection of the proposed state budget Thursday underscores the continuing threat that cuts pose to public education. The spending plan included $150 million in additional cuts to the University of California and the California State University
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