UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ addresses ASUC in first senate meeting of year

Photo of James Weichert
Isabella Ko/Staff
James Weichert speaks at an ASUC meeting in February. At the first ASUC Senate meeting of the 2020-21 year, he resigned “in protest” from his position as elections chair.

The 2020-21 ASUC senators kicked off the start of their terms Wednesday night with a presentation from UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ and the resignation of James Weichert from the ASUC Elections Council chair position at their first meeting.
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infographic about 2020 asuc senate elections

Independent candidates win majority of ASUC Senate seats

Independent candidates will dominate the ASUC Senate in the next academic year, as announced during the tabulation ceremony Friday. 38 candidates ran for ASUC Senate, including 10 candidates from Student Action, which won a majority of seats last year. Four candidates ran for transfer student representative, a new office in the ASUC.
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ASUC elections go online, force candidates to adapt

ASUC elections have moved completely online, forcing candidates to alter their campaigning strategies and the ASUC Elections Council to find new ways to get the word out about voting. The decision was made in response to campus’s move to remote classes and the shelter-in-place order over the COVID-19 pandemic.
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