ASUC Senate condemns caste discrimination, receives reports

Photo of Eshleman Hall
Sam Tilles/Staff
The ASUC Senate’s resolution urged UC Berkeley administration to amend its anti-discrimination policy to include caste-based discrimination. The senate also introduced three bills, listened to reports covering city redistricting, and celebrated the UC’s tentative agreement that stopped a lecturer strike.

The ASUC Senate passed a resolution against caste-based discrimination and heard updates from officials at their regular meeting Wednesday. 
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infographic about 2020 asuc senate elections

Independent candidates win majority of ASUC Senate seats

Independent candidates will dominate the ASUC Senate in the next academic year, as announced during the tabulation ceremony Friday. 38 candidates ran for ASUC Senate, including 10 candidates from Student Action, which won a majority of seats last year. Four candidates ran for transfer student representative, a new office in the ASUC.
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