With ASUC elections over, what comes next?

This Friday marks about two weeks since the end of one of the most historic ASUC elections in our time at Cal. Finally, our student government leaders are back in class, political opponents are hanging out together at Taco Tuesday and exhausted candidates (including myself) have been rejuvenated by that
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Chalking vs flyering: which is better for advertising?

Walking down Bowditch this week after a long day of classes, we came across this little piece of art/advertising. This particular gem was informing us of the Perspectives showcase coming up. There’s nothing new in the method — clubs and groups chalk all the time to get their messages out there.
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Showcase needs new perspectives

ASUC Perspectives should do more to capture Berkeley's rich multiculturalism and diversity

I’m a fourth-year white woman who frequents spaces in communities of color. I’m writing to say that I think the ASUC Perspective’s Showcase’s intentions to “help create a more inclusive and accepting Cal community” are great, but I want to urge you to think more critically about the way the
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