Healthy Heavenly Foods returns to UC Berkeley campus

Brenna Alexander/Staff
The Heavenly Food Cart has set up in front of Upper Sproul Plaza near Bancroft and Telegraph.

Almost two years since Healthy Heavenly Foods left the Bear’s Lair Food Court, the vendor returned to UC Berkeley on four wheels. On Monday, the vendor’s food truck opened its windows to the campus community at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. In 2010, the vendor left the food court after it rejected
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ASUC Store Operations Board in dispute over vote

The ASUC Store Operations Board, a body of students and administrators that oversees ASUC commercial activities like the Cal Student Store, is embroiled in a dispute over the appointment of a third party to search for a new executive director. The controversy concerns a board committee’s vote to commission a
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Trading spaces

CAMPUS ISSUES: Though we are sad to see the only 24-hour food-friendly study space on campus lost, we understand the decision.

The ASUC Senate authorized at its meeting last Wednesday the conversion of the Eshleman Library from student space to a commercial venue until next fall, when Eshleman Hall is scheduled to be demolished. However, the authorization won’t really change anything. Last year, former ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul and former
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ASUC Store Operations Board holds retreat to tackle issues

The ASUC Store Operations Board discussed the possibility of a new charter and reviewed the financial statuses of businesses under its jurisdiction at last weekend’s retreat. Although no official board decisions were made, attendees did briefly discuss the decision to postpone rechartering. A decision to recharter would have involved adopting
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Campus eatery might not reopen due to unpaid rent

For the last week or so, one of the vendors in the Bear’s Lair Food Court has remained conspicuously closed, raising concern that the vendor may not be able to pay its rent. More than one explanation could be behind the recent closure of Saigon Eats on campus. It could
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Campus pub to open with new management

The Bear’s Lair Pub on campus will open under new management this week, about one year before the space will likely close as part of a broader renovation project for Lower Sproul Plaza. At a meeting of the ASUC Store Operations Board last Thursday, board members said a partnership of
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Operating cost projections for Lower Sproul renovation show deficit

Projections for the operating costs of the redesigned Lower Sproul Plaza show a negative cash flow associated with the future facilities, according to a presentation from a consultant to the plaza’s renovation project. A deficit as high as $800,000 may occur between 2019 and 2022, after an expected bump in
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