ASUC Senate discusses UC Berkeley financial situation in light of COVID-19

Photo of the ASUC logo
Lisi Ludwig/File
At a meeting Wednesday, the ASUC Senate discussed the financial situation of UC Berkeley, particularly in terms of the budget deficits that have been caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to Rosemarie Rae, UC Berkeley vice chancellor of finance and chief financial officer, the budget shortfall will amount to about $200 million.

The ASUC Senate received an update on UC Berkeley’s financial situation and continued to table a bill on community engagement at its meeting Wednesday.
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Maureen Simmons for executive vice president

The editorial board has long questioned the purpose of the EVP role in the ASUC. But when Maureen Simmons began her campaign for the position with CalSERVE, she breathed life into the role in a way that past EVPs have continuously failed to do.
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ASUC Student Union board must protect Lower Sproul contract workers

CAMPUS ISSUES: ASUC Student Union board must be accountable for Chartwells workers' rights

In just a few short weeks, a pizzeria, burger joint, Mexican eatery and whiskey bar will open their doors in Lower Sproul Plaza. The area will likely become a concentrated hub of student life — something that students haven’t experienced in two and a half years. But underneath the fanfare
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A contract in question

Lower Sproul food service company comes under fire

Several years before the company Chartwells was selected to operate restaurants in the newly renovated Lower Sproul, it faced backlash from food service workers at Northeastern University for an array of alleged mistreatment.
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