Wanting to be wanted

Sex on Tuesday

Do I deserve to call this violence? Was I harmed? Am I entitled to the language of hurt if I let the hurt happen to me? What does “let” mean?
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Attention, please

Reading life closely

My attention is a currency, passed between entities at the rate of a fraction of a penny per visit, per minute. Thinking about it for too long disturbs me.
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How to prepare for those dreaded Thanksgiving dinner questions

You’re sitting around the dinner table surrounded by mounds of delicious food and the conversation is freely flowing. You finally get to see your favorite baby cousin, and the room is full of happiness and laughter. Suddenly, your aunt, who’s always trying to “get with the times,” decides to offhandedly bring up that
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Far away bae, best friend in the Bay

We all have that one friend we haven’t seen ever since they started going out with so-in-so. New relationships can be rough on friendships, but not all young love leaves friends in the dust. We in long-distance relationships at the Daily Clog have decided that we’d like to make a
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Why we hate icebreakers

Icebreakers, though meant to facilitate interactions, oftentimes create more tension and discomfort than awkward silences do. People in a group should try to get to know one another but should do so on their own terms. Introverts and extroverts alike don’t jump at icebreaker suggestions, and here is why.   1. They
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