ASUC Senate committee nominates attorney general

On Monday, the senate constitutional review committee unanimously agreed to nominate the current Solicitor General Natalja Karniouchina to serve as ASUC Attorney General, more than four months since the position was supposed to be filled.
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Unity, not divisiveness

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Committee on University and External Affairs’ decision to postpone Senate Bill 11 indefinitely was the right thing to do.

On Monday, the ASUC Standing Committee on University and External Affairs indefinitely postponed a bill that addressed academic relations with Israeli institutions after some senators said the naturally divisive bill would hurt the long-term workability of the ASUC senate class.
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A Question of Transparency, Legality, and Accountability

Given his donor’s potential violation of Federal Tax Law in funding his student government campaign and his complete lack of transparency on the issue it is clear that Avi Oved does not uphold the values one would expect from a student leader. Therefore to preserve these values of student government in the UC system, we respectively call upon Avi Oved to immediately withdraw himself from the student regent nomination process.
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