Representative or trustee?

The complex history of the UC Student Regent

As the only voting student on a board sometimes criticized for being divorced from the student experience, the UC student regent must strike a careful balance between representing the student body and being faithful to the best interests of the university.
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A Question of Transparency, Legality, and Accountability

Given his donor’s potential violation of Federal Tax Law in funding his student government campaign and his complete lack of transparency on the issue it is clear that Avi Oved does not uphold the values one would expect from a student leader. Therefore to preserve these values of student government in the UC system, we respectively call upon Avi Oved to immediately withdraw himself from the student regent nomination process.
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Avi Oved is not our student regent

Throughout the history of the University of California, the UC Board of Regents have consistently turned a blind eye to issues facing Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian, or AMEMSA, communities. From UC Santa Cruz lecturer Tammi Benjamin, who last year publicly claimed that Muslim Student Associations were allied
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