Duty Deferred: After playing basketball at Cal, Avigiel Cohen must return to Israel to serve in the IDF

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

While returning to UC Berkeley for her senior year last summer, Avigiel Cohen contemplated her future. Years earlier, at the age of 17, Cohen was granted the opportunity to postpone compulsory service in the Israeli military to play basketball and attend college in the United States. She says she was
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Taller than Life: The ascent of Eliza Pierre

Whether she is needed on the basketball court or at home, Eliza Pierre assumes the role of a leader when she is needed most.

Despite being the shortest player on the Cal women’s basketball team at 5-foot-7, Eliza Pierre makes herself stand above everyone on the team. Whether in the locker room, on the team bus or on the court, her vivacious presence has fueled the Bears. “You know those commercials of Energizer with the
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Oregon’s Felton joins Cal coaching staff

Kai Felton spent the last two years as an Oregon assistant, and the five years prior as an assistant at USC. On Wednesday, she moved on to her third team in the Pac-10, joining newly hired Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb‘s staff. So what does this mean for the Bears? Well,
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