Beethoven’s sick beats

It was cool at the time

Because I wasn’t immediately learning what I wanted to play, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t pay attention at all for the first two months of lessons. Apparently, during that period he taught me how to read music, and I missed all of it.
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American Bach Soloists revive baroque classics

The American Bach Soloists have returned to Berkeley with a bang and the sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Leonardo Leo. The soloists brought the intricate sound of baroque music to Berkeley’s First Congregational Church, prompting the listener to delve deeper into a world carefully cultivated by the
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3 tips to help you up when you’re feeling down

It’s sometimes weird the things that make us feel depressed — a 14-year-old incontinent dog, for example. Not because that’s gross and doggy diapers are degrading for all parties involved but because it reminds us that one day, in about 490 dog years, we, too, will require diapers. The fact
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