A kiwi bot rolling through Sproul Plaza

A day in the life of a KiwiBot

Being a KiwiBot has its perks, but it seems hard to forget the occasional struggles. The day in the life of a KiwiBot isn’t as monotonous as it appears since there are always new interactions to be had by students, tourists and well, other KiwiBots.
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Adieu, friend: A love letter to my lost Fitbit

I had no idea what would be in that package, and, as I had made fun of my mom’s Fitbit a few hours earlier, Crystal was the last thing I expected to find. When I opened the box, I quickly reshaped my disgusted expression into a wide, gleaming smile.
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Productive, sustainable food system requires equitability

Every day, at least twice a day, I walk the strip of Shattuck Avenue that connects the UC Berkeley campus to my apartment, which is conveniently located behind the Safeway Community Markets. Most of this stretch is known to locals as the “Gourmet Ghetto”, although the restaurants that give the
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