Make the most of longer, warmer days with this guide to summer cooking

Photo of BBQ grilling
Jun Sieta/Creative Commons

Summer is right around the corner, and that calls for a guide to cooking during the best season of the year. Whether you’re spending your summer in Berkeley or at home, take advantage of nice weather, the hype that comes along with the Fourth of July and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions to elevate your cooking game to the next level. 
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How to add a little Thai curry to your life

Salty, tangy and spicy; Thai curry is all you need in comfort food. Sometimes, however, you just want the flavors of Thai curry without the endless amounts of rice that seem to always accompany it. Whether it’s because you’re just not particularly hungry or on a low carb diet, we at the Clog believe that Thai curry should be accessible to all, so we have curated a list of recipe ideas for this very purpose.
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Isabel is … Hosting a Pool Party

Exploring the Bay

Nothing signals the arrival of a long Californian summer like a pool party. At the first opportunity barbecues sizzle, sunscreen is slathered onto resisting children and beers are chilled for the grown-ups. No parties are more meticulously planned than those on the Fourth of July. For my family, the day
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6 ways to spend Independence Day, California style

Pull out everything in your closet resembling the American flag to celebrate — you guessed it — Independence Day! If you have yet to come up with an itinerary for tomorrow’s red-white-and-blue extravaganza, allow the Clog to assist you. We’ve compiled a list of events to check out and things to do
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