Berkeley-bred rapper G-Eazy on the brink of fame

“From a BART train to a tour bus / Still the same game except I’m pulling more sluts / More butts, more bucks never giving more fucks,” raps Oakland-born MC G-Eazy in “Far Alone,” the second track from his new album, These Things Happen. This sets the tone for the
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The Bulb is homeless’s home

CITY AFFAIRS: The Albany City Council's effort to remove homeless residents from the Bulb favors the leisure of the many over the basic needs of the few

Despite its good-faith effort to connect Albany Bulb residents with much-needed mental health and relocation services, Albany City Council’s decision to dismantle the Bulb’s encampment has contributed to what has become a worrying Bay Area trend: de facto criminalization of homelessness. On Wednesday, Albany City Council agreed to a settlement
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Drought continues despite weekend rainstorm

After months of dry weather conditions, cities across Northern California saw several days of heavy rainfall this past weekend; but state officials caution that the storm is only one of many needed to alleviate the drought.
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