The Clog’s power ranking of meat substitutes

photo of sliced tempeh
FotoosVanRobin/Creative Commons

As a vegan of almost five years, I’ve come across a variety of different forms of meat substitutes. They made my transition into a plant-based diet easier as they satisfied my cravings for beef and chicken. I’ve eaten some substitutes that taste like the real thing, but there are many that don’t cut it. Because of my expertise as a long-term vegan, I’ve compiled a list of the definitive ranking of different meat substitutes on the market from worst to best.
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Quinoa and black bean salad recipe

With the start of the new semester right around the corner, many of us are yearning for that beach body we never quite achieved over the summer. If the allure of ice cream and tropical drinks were stronger than that of the gym this summer, have no fear. The Clog is
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Cozy, pseudo-fancy white bean soup recipe

It’s the cold weather, fuzzy socks, blistering winds, hot chocolate, fluffy blanket, rainy day time of year — and we at the Clog have the perfect cool-weather recipe to warm you from the inside out. This white bean soup, though quick and simple, will impress your parents, your significant other or just your favorite
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Fail-safe rice and beans

Rice and beans is a meal that can easily become your staple food, if it isn’t already. It’s a dish that’s incredibly hard to go wrong. If you can boil water, you can cook up a pot of beans and a bunch of rice. Together, the 20 essential amino acids in
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8 things you can substitute for meat in a burger

Burgers are easy to make, and they’re great if you want to have a barbecue with your friends this summer. But if you don’t eat meat or you’re getting tired of eating the same old burger every time, here are some different foods you can use for your next burger
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