UC Berkeley mandates weeklong sequester period for residential hall students

Karen Chow/File
UC Berkeley is mandating students who are living in campus residential halls to self-sequester until at least Feb. 8. This decision comes as cases of COVID-19 among UC Berkeley students continue to rise.

Effective immediately, UC Berkeley is requiring all students living in residential halls to self-sequester through at least Feb. 8 as positive cases of COVID-19 among students continue to surge.
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The return of Berkeley bites

Greetings fellow Golden Bears, the time has come for us to return to our gloriously decorated institution of higher learning. To ease the pain of returning to the Bay, we at the Clog have complied some Berkeley bites that remind you there’s no place quite like Berzerkeley.
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A full day of eating using only meal points

As the number of days left in the fall semester dwindles down, many of us are realizing that the amount of cash left in our wallets is also getting dangerously low. On the contrary, our meal point balance may be just a bit too high, because let’s face it, dining
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Thoughts on high school graduation

“Wow, is this really happening?” my sister repeats again and again as she adjusts her cap. Decked out in multicolored cords and medals, having sat through hours of speeches and well wishes, my little sister is now a high school graduate. Surrounded by her squealing peers and their teary parents, my sister weaves through the crowd to find her friends, while I follow dutifully behind as her token paparazzi. As I snap picture after picture and embarrass her with an appropriate amount of “you guys look so cute!” and “are you sure you don’t want a picture with so-and-so?” I can’t help but repeat to myself what seems to be my sister’s favorite phrase of the day: “Is this really happening?”.
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