UC Berkeley resources, student organizations address student food insecurity

Photo of Basic Needs Center
Vanessa LIm/File
According to the Basic Needs Center’s live data dashboard, more than 19,000 students have requested assistance from the center during the 2020-21 year. The Basic Needs Center provides resources such as the Food Panry, Bear Pantry and Food Assistance Program, as well as CalFresh application assistance.

With about a quarter of UC Berkeley students seeking basic needs assistance, campus and student organizations have worked to address student food insecurity, among other concerns.
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Hungry for change

UC Berkeley students turn to community in struggle to feed families and themselves

An incoming student-parent at UC Berkeley, Cynthia Leimbach faced 48 days without food stamps, a holdup caused by her move from Orange County.
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Napolitano announces UC initiative to address food issues

UC President Janet Napolitano announced the launch of the UC Global Food Initiative Tuesday morning, detailing the UC system’s plan to expand food education, maximize sustainable farming practices and reduce hunger at the university, national and global levels.
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