The real rip-off


“Deep breath, okay?” Nine-year-old me trembled under the bright light, and I gripped my mom’s hand the same as I always did to steel myself for a shot at the doctor’s office. The wax was hot on the corner of my upper lip, but Sharon’s pressure was light, delicate. As
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Miss America pageant misses the point

I’m writing this op-ed as a response to the deeply problematic Huffington Post blog post “Miss America and the Indian Beauty Myth,” by Asha Rangappa, an associate dean at Yale Law School. In the article, Rangappa situates herself in the recent discourse surrounding the choice of Nina Davuluri as Miss
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5 summer gym routine reminders

Bam, it’s June. If you haven’t carried a water bottle and earphones while wearing sweatpants and exercising shoes at the same time, this probably means that your fitness thing isn’t working out so well. According to get-fit tradition, summer’s like Christmas. The idea is to work your buttocks off for
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A slim definition of beauty

Critical Musings

Rejoice! Dove thinks you’re more beautiful than you believe. Or at least that’s ostensibly the message of the soap company’s recently released “Real Beauty Sketches” commercial. The three-minute clip is part of the company’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which claims to have “started a global conversation about the need for
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