Funerary impulses

Kind of chaos

It’s been years, but I still have the black dress and I still think of the W.H. Auden poem at certain times of day when the hills cast long shadows and airplanes fly out of San Francisco.
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The Bumpy Road to Rio

As questions swirl, disease spreads and body parts float ashore, Olympic officials still refuse to face the music

The road to Rio is paved with good intentions: NBC features on bubbly gymnasts, comeback tales of swimmers vying for one last glimmer of aquatic glory and unexpected failures in track trials that resign former stars to the wayside of Americans’ collective consciousness. For others, however, the Rio de Janeiro
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Bears beyond Berkeley

The Daily Californian asked students who studied abroad this question: “What was your favorite part of the experience of studying abroad?” Check out the responses and photos from abroad below.
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Going home

A Whole New World

Going “home” is a hard process for us. The entire effort is almost like therapy: tracing back your footsteps in order to validate yourself and pick out the problems and joys that had once been in your life.
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