Belli Osteria: artisanal pasta at its finest

Annie Chang/Staff

The small, cozy and comfortable space does a great job enhancing Belli Osteria, a beautiful tavern. The Shattuck Avenue restaurant is located near many other gourmet restaurants, but it features some of the best Italian cuisine around because of its focus on pasta. Executive chef, Paul Oprescu, had a Romanian childhood involving hunting,
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Return to the tradition of handmade noodles

Various delicious restaurants in Downtown Berkeley say the pasta or soba they serve is “homemade.” This distinction, though well received, made the writers at the Daily Cal wonder: What value do homemade noodles have besides their novelty? To address this question, we took to the kitchens of Ippuku, Trattoria Corso
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Ravioli and a bit of Bologna at Belli Osteria

Belli Osteria is a restaurant near the southeast corner of Shattuck and University avenues that specializes in ravioli. The ravioli is made daily by hand, and each ravioli is unique for each type of sauce and filling. The menu changes weekly, as the chefs are always coming up with new
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