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Two Steps Forward

Books have wrought immense change on the world. “Harry Potter,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” and many others have given magic to millions. This is to say nothing of religious texts, which have shaped the lives of people around the world for millennia. These are a few well-known and extremely popular examples of the effects of the written word. In my nearly two decades of dedicated reading, I’ve come across other, lesser-known works that inspired changes of their own within the confines of my mind. This is a limited account of those books, each of which remain relevant in an increasingly paperless age, and each one is highly recommended by yours truly.
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Q&A with The Thing Quarterly

Purveyors of offbeat art talk curation, inspiration and personal favorites

Visual artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan took time to answer some questions via email about their project, The Thing Quarterly, a periodical that sends out objects to subscribers made by writers, filmmakers, artists and more. All of the objects incorporate the use of text and are of some function
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