UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program can be source of frustration for students with disabilities

Photo of UC Berkeley campus
Sunny Shen/File
UC Berkeley junior Tabitha Bell was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy as a child. Bell said she has not been entirely satisfied with her experience on campus, as she has run into problems with class accessibility, contacting Disabled Students’ Program administrators and getting handicapped-accessible parking.

UC Berkeley students with disabilities have struggled to obtain and utilize the accommodations they need from the Disabled Students’ Program.
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Celebrating (dis)abilities in the workplace

Disabled faculty and staff speak on challenges, future steps for disability accommodations in employment

In the first lecture, Pineda lost no time in frankly discussing his disability with the class. A neuromuscular condition means he has weak muscles, and needs a wheelchair for mobility and a machine to help him breathe. He needs a personal assistant with him at all times to help him with daily living tasks.
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This is a map showing locations on campus that pose challenges to accessibility: Dwinelle Annex and Hall, Hearst Field Annex, East Asian Library, Faculty Glade, Hearst Mining Circle and Evans Hall.

Students with disabilities battle inaccessibility and isolation

The campus has expanded accessibility in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and requirements imposed after lawsuits. Barriers for students with physical disabilities, however, can often lie less in building plans, which are picked over for potential inaccessibility, than in barriers of the moment.
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