Alameda County animal shelters revise operations amid COVID-19 pandemic

Berkeley Humane
Gisselle Reyes/Staff
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some animal shelters in Alameda County, including Berkeley Animal Care Services and Friends of the Alameda County Animal Shelter, have had to revise their operations. In addition to becoming more foster-based, both animal shelters have been experiencing a decrease in animal intakes.

Some Alameda County animal shelters have had to revise operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic but are working to provide people and pets with necessary services.
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Berkeley’s animal shelter endures despite underfunding

Berkeley spent more than $12 million to create Berkeley’s municipal animal shelter. To keep the new shelter functioning smoothly, however, Berkeley Animal Care Services, or BACS, has had to rely increasingly on grants and donations, in what volunteers and supporters have described as a crisis in underfunding. Filmed and edited
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Seeking shelter for animal services

The city spent more than $12 million to create Berkeley’s municipal animal shelter— a two-story building glossed in yellow paint featuring a controlled climate, an in-house veterinary clinic and new kennels.
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Local advocates raise awareness of pet obesity

Dr. Jas Mattu, a veterinarian for Berkeley based University Veterinary Hospital is raising awareness of the pet obesity epidemic. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of cats and dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.
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Dog shot 38 times abandoned in Berkeley parking lot

When an abandoned dog was dropped off by police at the Berkeley Animal Shelter last month, staff found nothing out of the ordinary. But when she was taken to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society last week to be spayed, the attending veterinarian discovered something odd: The dog had 38
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