UC Berkeley students move in with social distancing protocols, attend virtual Golden Bear Orientation

Karen Chow/File
Students recently moved into campus housing and attended Golden Bear Orientation virtually, which has come with various limitations and difficulties.

New UC Berkeley students moving into on-campus housing this fall faced more than just the average move-in day jitters, with social distancing precautions and virtual Golden Bear Orientation, or GBO, amid COVID-19 concerns.
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Breaking through the Berkeley bubble

Alien on Campus

When I lived in Monterrey, I had been surrounded by people with the same beliefs and the same culture. Now I was coming to a new country — specifically the liberal state of California — and I thought that a diverse community would automatically mean that everyone had an open mind.
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Tuning out the Berkeley Bubble

Cutting Room Floor

While his lips moved to form the word “cunt,” all I could hear through my headphones were J. Cole’s voice rapping “first thing’s first, rest in peace Uncle Phil.” Judging from the man’s furrowed brows and flailing arms, he was probably screaming. Judging from the spit that sprayed my face,
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Living under the dome

Irvine, California, is a very strange, surreal place. It is one giant suburb that could have easily been inspired by the pages of a short story by George Orwell. Essentially, the city looks like an artificial town that a government would set up to test nukes on. It takes pride in its
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The problem with bubbles

My hometown of Bethesda, Maryland, is often referred to as the Bethesda bubble. Before coming to college, many people asked if I was excited to get out of the bubble, and I was. But now I’m far into the second semester of my first year and I’m starting to realize
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