Coalition releases demands in response to bake sale

In response to an upcoming controversial bake sale on campus, a list of seven tentative demands by a coalition of UC Berkeley students of the campus administration were posted online — but leaders of that coalition said the demands are not finalized and their release was premature.

UC Berkeley student leaders respond to bake sale

Campus Republicans' group could lose funding over event

Student leaders from various organizations have publicly denounced the Berkeley College Republicans’ plans to hold an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” where the race of the consumer would determine the price of a baked good. The bake sale is intended to protest the Affirmative Action-like bill, SB 185 — currently awaiting
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UC Berkeley College Republicans’ ‘diversity bake sale’ elicits cries of racism

ASUC Senate calls special meeting to discuss controversy

In a move that triggered immediate backlash from the UC Berkeley student community, the Berkeley College Republicans announced plans Thursday night to host an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” in opposition to Affirmative Action-like legislation awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. The original post announcing the bake sale — which created a
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