Retracted: They just don’t understand us

Now that most of us are back home and caught up with friends from high school, we’re again reminded of the many differences between everyone’s respective colleges. Here are a couple of things about our beloved Berkeley that your friends from back home might not be able to identify with.
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Is this real life?

Now that we at the Clog are emerging from our caffeine-fueled finals haze, switching our phones off airplane mode and unblocking distracting websites, we’re beginning to catch up on the things we missed during our study-induced hibernation. Here are just some of the recent events and realizations that have made us stop
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Video: Cal Cribs

Since Cal Day is Saturday, hoards of perspective students are flooding onto campus. To help them out, we went to different housing options in Berkeley and got a tour with a sorority, fraternity, co-op, private housing, dorm and apartment. Watch the video as they show off their crib!