The University of California and ‘The Reproduction of Privilege’

The Devil's Advocate

On Monday, The New York Times’ Thomas B. Edsall made a compelling argument that the role of American higher education has been inverted over the last few decades: During the post-World War II economic expansion, college education served “as a springboard to social mobility,” but today it largely reinforces class
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‘Restless Farewell’

CAMPUS ISSUES: Despite a rocky finish, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s leadership has seen UC Berkeley through a very trying era of its history.

Most students at UC Berkeley cannot remember a time when the campus was not continually shaken by budgetary concerns — when the cost of their education wasn’t constantly being launched to greater heights. Neither can Robert J. Birgeneau, who will be resigning his post as chancellor here in December. Though
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Winter break news in review

The Daily Californian stopped publishing in print after classes ended Dec. 2. until the spring semester classes started Jan. 17.  Aggregated below is some of our coverage of the news that occurred in that time period. Click on the titles to read the full stories and browse through the news section
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UC Berkeley announces new financial aid plan for middle-income families

UC Berkeley officials announced a new financial aid plan Wednesday for middle-income families that caps parent contribution toward undergraduate student education at no more than 15 percent of family income. Starting next academic year, students whose families’ gross income ranges from $80,000 to $140,000 annually and have assets of less than $200,000 —
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