Released emails show Milo Yiannopoulos threatened campus administrators, accused them of ‘pot-stirring’ before ‘Free Speech Week’

Lianne Frick/File
Controversial conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos spoke to a crowd of about 50 people on UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Sunday before hurriedly leaving campus on what would have been the first day of the canceled “Free Speech Week.”

When conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos decided he would come back to UC Berkeley, he made it clear that “come hell or high water,” nothing was going to stand in his way.
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Fixing UC Berkeley politics starts with rhetoric we employ

On Oct. 5, BridgeUSA co-hosted a symposium with the Berkeley Center for New Media — BCNM — and the Graduate Assembly centered around free speech in the age of social media. To briefly recap: The event went well. Robert Reich and Chancellor Carol Christ delivered excellent keynote addresses, the panel
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