Faces of Berkeley: Osha Neumann, activist lawyer

Neumann dedicates life to social justice and advocates for homeless

Currently a consulting attorney for the East Bay Community Law Center, Berkeley resident Osha Neumann has spent his life advocating for underrepresented groups, specifically the homeless community in Berkeley.
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City Council postpones mutual aid decision at special meeting

At its special meeting Tuesday night, the Berkeley City Council heard input from community members regarding its contentious mutual aid pact but still made no decision regarding the approval of the pact. The meeting, which first dealt with discussion on the West Berkeley Project, did not get to the mutual
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iPhones a popular robbery target in Berkeley

iPhones have won out over Google phones for robbers in Berkeley, according to the Berkeley Police Department. Sarah Burns is the lead crime reporter. Correction(s):A previous edition of this post incorrectly labeled iPhone robberies as thefts.