Copwatch training teaches police-observation tactics

Berkeley Copwatch, an activist group dedicated to monitoring police and protecting citizens, hosted a “Know Your Rights” training event on July 7. Led by longtime Copwatch member Andrea Prichett and UC Berkeley fifth-year senior Marcel Jones, the training addressed appropriate police-filming tactics and the rights of citizens when confronted by
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Berkeley City Council holds special meeting

In the aftermath of protests over police killings of black civilians, Berkeley City Council held a special meeting Saturday to talk with residents about police and community relations, as well as broader issues including education and housing. Read the full story here. This video is a excerpt of the public comment,
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Leaked documents shed new light on Kayla Moore’s in-custody death

Police Review Commission unanimously finds that one officer did not continually monitor Moore's vital signs

On Feb. 12, 2013, police responded to a disturbance call in Downtown Berkeley that ended with the sudden in-custody death of Kayla Moore, a 347-pound black transgender woman with a history of mental illness.
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Occupying for a better Berkeley campus

Urban Animal

Hours after the noontime rally, the police arrived on Sproul Plaza in riot gear. Riot gear, I thought. Were they kidding? The police told us — a few hundred students — to leave. We linked arms around the tent. This was the moment I became an Occupier. They jabbed clubs
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A word from your police departments

On behalf of the university and city police departments, we would like to welcome you back to UC Berkeley and to the city of Berkeley. Our two police departments are working closely to ensure your safety on and off campus. Teams of university and city police officers work jointly to
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