Jack of all trades

Off the Beat

As is typical of the overachiever burnout, I have a habit of abandoning activities, both big and small, if I am not immediately good at them. 
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Best of Berkeley: Campus 2019

Best building: Berkeley Way West UC Berkeley’s psychology, public health and education departments may have been disappointed to have to pack up their old offices when, in 2018, they were told they’d be moving to the new building on Berkeley Way. Little did these faculty and staff members know that
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Best of Berkeley: City 2019

Best movie theater: Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to attend the No. 1 public university in the world! You arrive on campus, self-assured by the outstanding credentials you’re boasting, only to realize the time spent building up your admissions profile meant sacrificing precious cultural capital. Impostor syndrome sets
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