Berkeley Unified School District passes $65K climate literacy resolution

photo of Berkeley High School
Nick Quinlan/Staff
Berkeley Unified School District's Board of Education proposed and passed the Climate Literary Resolution, which aims to empower students to fight climate change through climate justice and environmentally friendly efforts.

The Berkeley school board unanimously passed a Climate Literacy Resolution at their regular meeting Wednesday, committing $65,000 to developing a new climate change curriculum for the district over the next 18 months.
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City measures funding Berkeley school district to be voted on in primaries

Three education-related measures will be on the ballot Tuesday — Measures E, H and G — all of which could have a lasting effect on students, teachers and other BUSD staff. With one measure funded by a bond issue and the other two by parcel taxes, these measures could fund everything from basic maintenance to keeping educators from leaving Berkeley for better-paying districts.
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