Group living amendments are a testament to the power of student activism

CITY AFFAIRS: The amendments to the Group Living Accommodations Ordinance are a step in the right direction for student housing. But now it’s up to the city to follow through.

The recent amendments to the Group Living Accommodations, or GLA, Ordinance, are significant examples of how student activism can give rise to much-needed change.   Berkeley is in a housing crisis that students are anything but sheltered from. The campus has time and again fallen short on providing sufficient solutions
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Belly of the beast

Sex on Tuesday

So to you, my faithful reader, welcome to sex on Tuesday. Not relationships on Tuesday. Not love on Tuesday. Dripping pussy, wet on the sheets, sweat and heat, blood on the tongue, all taste buds and goosebumps, sex.
Welcome to the belly of the beast.
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Co-ops work to raise funds for retrofits

Berkeley Student Cooperative residents will do anything from selling handmade paintings to teaching people how to brew beer to raise money for a fundraising campaign that will seismically retrofit their housing — an endeavour made more pressing in light of the flurry of earthquake activity in recent weeks. The ‘What
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