Berkeley Underground Scholars works to build prison-to-university pipeline

Photo of Berkeley Underground Scholars website
Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff
Berkeley Underground Scholars, in conjunction with Underground Scholars Initiative, which was founded with goals to get resources and support for system-impacted students, are working to build a prison-to-university pipeline.

BUS’ mission is to provide incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students with the opportunity to pursue higher education.
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An alumnus’s ambitions through adversity

Like a social pariah among victors with seemingly endless opportunities, I tactfully observed a living system of privilege and oppression that causes present and generational pain. I refused to submit to this feeling as I forged a new way forward.
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Berkeley Underground Scholars creates ‘prison-to-school pipeline’ on campus

In 2013, UC Berkeley alumni, Danny Murillo and Steven Czifra, met on campus and shared their backgrounds on being formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals. Together, Murillo and Czifra co-founded the Underground Scholars Initiative, or USI, a student-run organization for those who have been personally impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system.
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