City holds town hall on racial inequities in public health

The city of Berkeley held a town hall meeting Tuesday to address public health inequities between the city’s white and underrepresented minority populations, but the meeting was sparsely attended by black and Latino residents. According to Janet Berreman, the city’s health officer and Public Health Division manager, the meeting was
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Stunted growth

CITY AFFAIRS: As a program seeking to educate youth about gardening faces closure, we encourage the community to embrace it.

The city of Berkeley is an epicenter for the slow food movement, promoting the ideals of local and sustainable agricultural practices with access to such produce for all. But now, as a city urban gardening program is about to close its doors, it seems the community has slightly loosened its
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Due to lack of funding, youth internship program to close

Seaquins Young began working at the Berkeley Youth Alternatives Gardens at the age of 15. For Young, the program provided financial and emotional support as she completed her independent education through her pregnancy. Now, as a 19-year-old in the job market, she had no idea the program that supported her
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