Our basic humanity

Cal in Color

I’ve often had STEM friends not understand why they have to pay our exorbitant tuition even for classes not clearly related to their major.
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Debugging biased algorithms in healthcare, beyond

Two weeks ago, my colleagues and I published an article showing that a widely used algorithm in the health system was biased against Black patients. This algorithm and others like it affect decisions for hundreds of millions of patients every year. Fixing the algorithm’s bias would more than double the number of Black patients eligible for a program that can help them with their health needs. 
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Police policies affect people of color disproportionately

The NAACP has always operated using the principles of emotional intelligence and civility; accordingly, I will continue to encourage all people, police and citizen alike, to think about what’s in their and the communities’ best interest before they act. Citizens must always question unjust acts and challenge bigotry; however, I will encourage people of color to respond in a measured and tactical manner that reduces the possibility of them being harmed which will further erode the already fractious relationship that far too many citizens of color have with the Berkeley Police Department (BPD).
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