Not sorry for all of my lesbian sins

Unsettled Settler

After my family learned I was a lesbian, I separated myself from church because of their homophobic treatment toward me. But now that I’ve become aware of its true history and purposes in Latin America, not only do I not want to be associated with it for its homophobic rhetoric, but also for its undeniable role as colonizers.
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The divine comedy

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m an atheist. I’m a total cliché of what the media makes the typical (moderately) liberal youngster out to be. My Sunday rituals consist of watching new episodes of “The Simpsons” and catching up on the previous week’s “Conan.” No church or bedtime prayers for me. I’ve
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Clog’s guide to learning the Cal Drinking Song

It’s the work of art that acts both as a school anthem and as an agent in our unification, the tune symbolizing our trademark intensity and a secret spell that will immortalize the college experience. For this monstrous power to be so underutilized by the student body — well, that’s
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