It’s not for the faint of heart

It’s that blind optimism at the start of each fall that this is the year Cal football will reach its first Rose Bowl since 1958. It’s also looking for where it all went wrong and harboring thoughts of “maybe next year.”
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Photo of Surina Khurana

Football isn’t free

However, the situation differs for alumni and donors to the university. Football games, and their outcomes, influence if and how much they donate. Much like a “free” lunch, the relationship is not contractual, but it very much exists implicitly.
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Thank you for our Ink Bowl win

During a regular year, The Daily Californian would play The Stanford Daily in a flag football game known as the Ink Bowl before the Big Game. We play for glory and for the X-Acto knife trophy. To continue this long-standing tradition even during a pandemic, we held a joint fundraiser
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Illustration of newspaper production

Stand in solidarity with student newsrooms to keep them alive

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Imperiled student newsrooms across the nation deserve your support as they relentlessly fight censorship and financial insecurity to keep their papers alive

As the city of Berkeley’s paper of record, our staff is uncovering stories no one else is reporting on and overcoming boundaries.
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