Electing college

On the Mark

It was an election that brought me back to college last year. Actually, it was two. Though I have voted in every presidential election since 2000, I had never been one to put much faith in electoral politics. Voting, argue many on the left, does not change anything: In important
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What we learned from 2016 presidential election

This election season has been fraught with gaff after gaff and controversy after controversy on both sides of the isle. From sleepy Ben Carson insisting he stabbed “a close relative” to jaundiced Donald Trump assuring us that there’s “no problem” with his penis, the 2016 presidential election has been a wild,
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Students tackle global issues at CGI U conference

Clinton Global Initiative University was established in 2007 by former U.S. president Bill Clinton with the purpose of annually connecting roughly 1,200 student innovators at one venue. Last weekend at UC Berkeley, student leaders from around the globe participated in a series of working and plenary sessions designed to address
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