The Soundtrack of My Childhood

Cutting Room Floor

I found out on the train ride home from Lake Tahoe, where I had spent the weekend. In honor of him, I listened to his music on shuffle, old and new, Highway Companion to Damn the Torpedoes, and watched golden fields of fried grass and stark black cows run past my window. “Square One” consoled me as I traced streams into orange forests. “Rebels” scored the train’s trek across a Sacramento bridge. Tom Petty was dead, and I wasn’t crying. I was remembering.
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Tunesday: Emo blast from the past

Crossing the threshold from teenager to adult can be a rough transition. It’s a time in life when you’re potentially even more angsty than you were at age 15. But this time, you don’t get the Angsty Teen stage to excuse it. Fortunately, the emo anthems you used to cry
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Bowling For Soup strikes back

Most people celebrate their 21st birthday by going completely wild — playing loud, rebellious music, hopping from bar to bar and drinking a ridiculous amount of beer. But Bowling for Soup has already spent the last two decades perfecting those skills. So in preparation for its Finally Legal Tour —
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