Static sexuality

Living in Liminality

Because media presents queerness as this monumental, pivotal moment, I tend to treat my own identity as constantly progressing toward a climax. 
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Love, Simon, actually

I want greater representation for all of us. And for me, I would love to see a cheesy rom-com starring an all-womxn cast. It would be revolutionary and so important for the community.
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No narration without representation

Queerly Political

Although I felt validated, I also felt on edge, waiting for the narrative to end. I was anticipating the inevitable destruction of their relationship because that’s what normally happens to queer folks in pop culture.
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Top 10 films of 2013

The Daily Cal Arts staff ranks the top 10 movies (and more) of 2013

Honorable Mentions: Pacific Rim Sick of the “Transformers” franchise destroying your love of giant robot battles? Guillermo Del Toro’s most recent addition to his canon of fantastical, horrific and wonderful films is the jaw-dropping spectacle “Pacific Rim.” A love letter to kaiju (Japanese monster) and giant robot films, this movie
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Erik Weiner’s Picks of the Week

M.I.A.’S Matangi Noticing a lack of political new-rave hip-hop in your life? Well, want no longer. Everyone’s favorite Sri Lankan-English rapper returns this week with her disarmingly drab-voiced bravado on Matangi. M.I.A. may be no Hindu goddess herself, but even if the album won’t deify her, the churning Bollywood-esque melodies
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