How to celebrate homecoming

October 20th-22nd (aka homecoming weekend) is fast approaching. There’s a ton going on, so we’ve decided to help you out by revealing the most essential of events. Make sure to be a part of the festivities, whether you yearn to sneak a peak of Ecocity Berkeley or hunger to take
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What we tell ourselves before every semester

The start of the fall semester is slowly approaching. And regardless of which year you’re in, new beginnings inevitably come with promises or goals we make to follow through with the rest of the semester. Every UC Berkeley student has had some, if not all, of these idealistic thoughts that flit into their head at some point or another.
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How to take a break

A lot of us students out of necessity or just sheer madness have decided to stay on campus for the summer and take classes — as if both fall and spring semesters weren’t enough. Now that we’ve sort of settled into our new class schedules, we might have realized that
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What to do when your parents are in town

Your parents are in town, and that means two things. First, you’re going to eat real food that somebody else makes instead of boxed macaroni and orange juice straight from the carton. Second, you’re going to get lovingly yelled at about things. It’s time for you to clean up your
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Keeping it classy on a Berkeley budget

Tired of wasting away your weekends going from one house party to another? Has your roommate’s penchant for becoming so inebriated she has the stability of a broken rocking chair become less endearing? Yearn for the chance to break free from the doldrums of house music in cramped spaces, while you accumulate fellow
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16 things to do in Berkeley now that it’s spring

The birds are chirping, the cherry blossoms are blooming and you’re trading in your sweater for a tank top. Springtime is finally here! How will you be enjoying this newfound warmth and sunshine? We at the Clog have a few suggestions for you. 1. Have a picnic in the botanical
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SOL Grotto art installation at Botanical Gardens

The SOL Grotto, which is part of the garden’s Natural Discourse exhibit, was constructed from glass tubes engineered for Solyndra, the Fremont solar-panel company that filed for bankruptcy last year after receiving a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government.