Two-party system challenged in race for ASUC president

Derek Remsburg/Staff
The ASUC presidential candidates, clockwise from top left, are Andrew Albright, Honest Chung, Elliot Goldstein, Matt Williams, Connor Landgraf, and Noah Ickowitz

The race for ASUC president is composed of a broad field of candidates this year, as several of the students running seek to challenge the traditional rivalry between the Student Action and CalSERVE parties. Over the past 16 years, only Student Action and CalSERVE candidates have been elected to the president’s
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Over $11,500 spent in ASUC election this year

Campaign finance documents for the 2012 ASUC general election show that candidates reported they spent a total of about $11,815. The Student Action party spent the most, but the party also ran the most candidates. Candidates from Student Action and CalSERVE — traditionally the strongest student political parties — spent
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New candidates revealed for 2012 ASUC election at Tuesday meeting

Presidential field broadened as three new candidates enter the race

Concerns about campaign spending surfaced while new independent and third-party candidates for executive positions were revealed Tuesday night at a mandatory meeting for all candidates running in the 2012 ASUC general election. The ASUC Elections Council held the meeting to give an overview of campaign rules. The meeting was the
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