‘Praira do Futuro’ is all looks, no substance

“Praia do Futuro” offers an underwhelming experience that can be summed up with its opening sequence: It begins with two motocross riders, seemingly free and invulnerable, cruising along the breathtaking sand dunes in Fortaleza, Brazil, and it ends with one of them drowning in the dominant waters of the ocean.
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Alone, but not lonely

I arrive early to the airport on my way home from Dublin. It’s the absolute best place for people watching, so I tend to sit like a five-year-old by the window, watching planes take off and land, while eavesdropping on conversations in various languages. (Is it still considered eavesdropping if I do not understand
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American resilience bodes well for future

Press Room Banter

I was at the 1999 Women’s World Cup Final. In sweltering heat and sun, I watched 14 women fight through 120 minutes of soccer only to decide the game with penalty kicks. Though it featured no goals, the match was the single most inspiring and exciting sporting event I have
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